Re: FW: several more hams needed for PCT50 on Saturday, May 14, 2022

Bob Birch



We in San Diego have done support for other Sound the Alarm events in the past. We have always provided the DST support needed. We have never had a DST person hijacked to do installs. The fact you were put in another job is the failure of the DST coordinator who was running that specific event. When we are put in the Volunteer Connection sign up for Sound the Alarm, we are listed as DST.


At the Sound the Alarm event in El Cajon we will be setting up 6 laptop computers to support registration, providing internet connectivity, as well are radio support for the movement of people and supplies. I hope to use the portable DMR repeater we have at our chapter, so we get some experience in operating it, in case there is a need in the future.


I’ve done the PC50 and PC100 events in the past. They also provide an opportunity to practice radio skills. It’s also a great safety backup for the organizers of the event.





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Thank you for posting this Nat.  I reached out to the ham coordinator, Gary Holmes.  My wife and I committed to providing ham support at the Fred Canyon station for the afternoon shift.  This is a perfect exercise of using our ham skills in a less than ideal environment that requires us to program our radios to new frequencies and operate under the direction of race officials which would be very similar to responding to an American Red Cross activation.  Since ARC hasn't been doing any training or exercises for the ham operators, I believe this is a great opportunity for the hams to hone their skills and help where no other help is available.  Isn't that ultimately what we're here for?

Regarding the call for hams in support of the Sound the Alarm event, I can tell you from personal experience of doing it before that ham operators were not essential to the event.  Yes, we used the radios for hourly check ins and for calling for shuttles, but the same thing could have been done with the business band radios.  I actually felt like it was a bait and switch.  I was asked to provide ham support but in reality, I was was going door to door in downtown Long Beach (not a great area, by the way) pitching the smoke alarms and installing them in homes. I would never do it again.

---mark, KM6ZPO

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