Re: May 7th Meeting - IEEE Move-1 Vehicle Presentation

Greg Hidley

Thanks for the video Steve ... it allowed me to see the presentation. Too bad we no longer have teleconferencing options for the monthly meetings.


greg, kj6hov, in Julian ...

On Sat, May 7, 2022 at 11:28 PM Steve <stevew6sjk@...> wrote:

Unfortunately my camera app crashed after just a couple minutes and didn't save the content.  So the video is missing just a minute or two of the beginning of the presentation.
Total time: about 55 min

The file is too big to store on It is posted on Youtube but is "unlisted" so it is only viewable from this link:

Feel free to share with any other members that are not on the distribution list.

Steve Kurtzman W6SJK

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