Re: IEEE MOVE Training Video Part 1 & Starlink

Bob Birch

I've been looking at Starlink for my RV use. Not quite there yet for portable use. When it is ready for prime time I will purchase and use with Red Cross if needed. The portable version is $135 per month for service plus cost of equipment.


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From: Steve <stevew6sjk@...>
Date: 9/18/22 2:19 PM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: [ARC2-SDICC] IEEE MOVE Training Video Part 1 & Starlink

I downloaded the recording.  It's not usable.  The audio cuts in and out.  Likely a WebEX problem.  And the recording lasts 3:22hrs and needs to be trimmed back.  Lots of dead air at the end. Someone forgot to stop the recording evidently.   I would offer to edit it and upload but it's not that usable anyway.

Regarding the future use of Starlink that was mentioned in the class, I learned that Starlikk needs a much wider almost 360 degree view of the sky since the satellites are constantly moving.  Otherwise you'll have dropouts. Placement of the truck would be much more critical than before.  See for an interesting map of the satellites. 

Too bad Starlink is $110/mo or we could get our own and share as needed for deployment.

73 Steve

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