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Thanks Georgia, good info!
On the same scale, my signal reports are as follows:
Georgia KI6LAV        3
Tom KG6RCW          5
Bob KG6RGI             5
Jim W6SST               3
Karen K6KAD            1
Everyone else was a zero.
Transceiver is a D700A, using a Diamond 770 on mag mount about 6' above ground level in my office (house is your standard Socal stucco construction). Ground level here abouts is 113' ASL, with 250'+ terrain blocking west and south - a real RF hole even when using my external antennas. . For real comms I have a couple of loctions on Evans Point I can go to if necessary.
If anyone else wants to contribute I will be more than happy to work up a matrix of who can talk to who.

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Here is my signal report from last night's net, based upon the attached Circuit Merit System, and using the reverse feature on my IC-7000 (running at 25 watts, commercial power w/ Diamond X-50 vertical antenna):
Bruce    WA6DNT    4
Doug    K1JDS        0
Jack    AF6JN        0
Karen    K6KAD    4
Dave    KI6LKP    5
Jerry    AK6QJ    4
Tom    KG6RCW    5
Bob    KG6RGI    5
Jim    W6SST    5
Not surprisingly, everyone from the South was a big fat 0 !! 
I wasn't quick enough on the trigger to catch Dan KI6BUQ (the first name called) on the reverse, so signal report for him.  My apologies.


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Subject: [ARC2_SDICC] Red Cross Communications Net, 10/21/2008, 7:00 pm

Reminder from:   ARC2_SDICC Yahoo! Group
Title:   Red Cross Communications Net
Date:   Tuesday October 21, 2008
Time:   7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location:   147.130 Repeater 107.2 PL
Notes:   Net Control WA6DNT Bruce
North Checkins KG6RGI Bob
South Checkins K6TWB Travis

If the 147.130 Repeater is down we will be on the 147.075 Repeater both with a PL of 107.2
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