Latest Net Roster and Script

Jer Kostro - Red Cross

Hi, All -

I've uploaded the latest net roster and assignments dated 03/04/2019 to the FILES section here on as well as to Volunteer Connection. Thought I'd take the opportunity to review a few items:

  • We review the net SCRIPT periodically and update it as necessary. We are currently using the one dated 07/21/2018. I've attached a copy for your information. The major change we made was to move the request for an ACS/RACES report to the "partner or other emergency groups" section. Anyone who is an ACS member is welcome to give us a short report of your activities.
  • We update the net roster/assignments every month, usually within a few days of our monthly team meeting. We keep track of who checks in - in order to keep the list compact we may remove someone who has not checked in for awhile - currently the criteria is if we haven't heard from you (on the radio, via email, snail mail, jungle drums, etc.) for three months. This is NOT punitive - we know life often gets in the way. If you are removed from the list, we'll welcome you back at any time - just check in and let us know. If you know you won't be checking in for an extended period of time you can do an email check in once in awhile and you're golden.
  • For those of you who have not acted as a net control (main or district sub nets) we highly encourage you to try it. While we have a very active and dependable core net control group - THANK YOU! - this is a skill that IMHO every emergency communicator should develop. It's easy - we have a net script (see attached) - fun (or, at least, mildly pleasant) and has zero calories.  :-) Email me if you want to try and we'll arrange it for you.

73, Jer aka AK6QJ