Meeting Saturday

Bob Birch <rrbirch@...>

Just a quick reminder the this Saturday 9am til 12pm is our monthly meeting. I understand the trailer shell is on site at Red Cross Headquarters so we should have an update on it's status. We will be looking for some updates from the committees and allow the committees to meet for an hour as well. Jerry AK6QJ has put together a great draft of our comm's plan, it's available on the group site, so take a look at it.

Ted will not be able to join us this Sat but Travis will be there to update us on all announcements from staff.

I'm also looking for a couple of things as well. I will be out of town on business travel Mon and Tues of next week so I'm looking for someone to represent us at the RACES meeting which I believe is Monday night. I know there meeting was delayed due to the holiday and a retirement so it may only be a net checkin at 7:30 Monday night. I will get more information for Saturdays meeting. Also since I'm out of town I won't be able to conduct the net so I'm looking for a volunteer to run the net for us.

Let me know if you can fill any of these needs. You can send an e-mail to me or let me know on Saturday.

Thanks for all you do