Communications Room SOG Draft

"Jerry - AK6QJ" <ak6qj-radioguy@...>

Hi, All!

A draft SOG for the Chapter Communications Room has been posted.

The final version of this document is intended to be used by
volunteers manning the Communications Room during all types and sizes
of responses. It's organization is designed to roughly follow the
normal sequence of events of activating, operating, and closing the
Communications Room during a disaster response operation.

It is by no means complete. For example:

- The table in 7.4.5 needs tweaking. There are probably better
choices than I have listed.

- In section 9.6, a companion document with sample net scripts will
have to be developed.

I would appreciate it if each of you would read it carefully from the
standpoint of someone who will actually be working in the
Communications Room. Does it give you the information you need to
operate? Is it clear enough? What information needs to be added? Any
comments and suggestions cheerfully accepted!