02/04/07 Net Roster & Assignments

"Jerry - AK6QJ" <ak6qj-radioguy@...>

Hi, All!

I have posted the lastest net roster and net assignments through mid-
March. Please let me know if there are any errors, and I will correct
them ASAP.

Some words about the RACES net. RACES does not hold a net on the
first Monday of each month, as this time conflicts with their general
meeting. In addition, RACES nets are not held on Mondays that are
also county holidays. I had forgotten about this Saturday when we put
together the schedule - I'll try to keep this in mind in the future.

Bob KG6RGI - I suspect that there will be no RACES net on February
19th (President's Day), but I have emailed Gerry at RACES to confirm

Also, only the RCCT representative assigned on the schedule should
check into the RACES net as "Adam 3". Others wishing to check in are
encouraged to do so, but please wait until the end of the net when
RACES requests non-RACES folks to check in.