[ARC2_SDICC] Car Pool for Orange Cty ARC "Boot Camp"

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I will not be able to attend due to attending a class to renew my CPR/AED certification in Coronado. This class is provided by the Coronado Fire Department…..Danny KD6OKR


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Subject: [ARC2_SDICC] Car Pool for Orange Cty ARC "Boot Camp"


For those RCCT members who want to car pool with Ted and Travis to
the Orange County ARC "Boot Camp" this coming Saturday, they will be
making pickups and drops offs at Chapter HQ and in North County.

"Boot Camp" is scheduled to start at 0900. To make the approximately
90 mile trip to Santa Ana, our car pool will be leaving Chapter HQ
not later than 0730. It is recommended that folks who want to leave
from this location arrive at 0715.

Ted and Travis will be making one stop at the La Costa Park & Ride,
710 La Costa Ave., Carlsbad - located on the northeast corner of the
I-5/La Costa Avenue interchange. If you want to join the car pool at
this location please be ready to go at 0800.

We expect the Boot Camp to end around 1400. The car pool will take
you back to where you parked your car on the way back.

I will be posting a map showing the location of the La Costa Park &
Ride separately. Please email Ted or Travis if you have any questions.