Palomar Vara gateway


To Group.

I have heard of a new gateway for VARA-FM on Palomar.

Could someone please pass me the info on this gateway? Frequency?

Can it pass VARA  at high speed?

Has any one been able to pass Winlink traffic thru it??

Please respond to my juno account:   "WA6DNT@..."  as I am not able to receive ANY communication from ""  I can send messages to this site but can get nothing back. It has been this way for a very long time.

Also my   Red Cross account has been unusable for years. "bruce.haupt@..." is non functional.

I contacted the National Red Cross IT about these problems by calling their number and was kept on hold for 45 mins. Then someone finally picked up, and I told them I need restoration of my Red Cross account. They created a "ticket" and said someone would call my cell back later that day - this did  NOT happen.

Later I got an email :

"Your ticket, IN733570 has been created. Please retain this information for future reference. IT Tickets are prioritized based on the number of people impacted and the urgency of the issue or request.

Ticket Information:

  • Create Date: 6/11/2021 11:49:41 am (UTC - 7) EST
  • Resolve By Target: 6/15/2021 11:58:04 am (UTC - 7) EST
  • Requested By: Haupt, Bruce Nelson
  • Requested For: Haupt, Bruce Nelson
  • Summary: Account Creation"

I heard nothing more from Red Cross IT - for weeks until I got a message that the account had been restored.

I sent a test message to "bruce.haupt@..." and it was STILL rejected. I sent a message to National Red Cross IT that the account was still non-functional' I got back:

-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Unresolved IN733570
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2021 12:12:31 -0700
From: Bruce Haupt <bnhaupt@...>
To: ITSupport@...

We are sorry to learn that your issue was not resolved to your satisfaction. Please provide details regarding your outstanding issue below so we can evaluate and address your concern as quickly as possible. Thank you, your IT Support Team.

----- Do not delete anything below this line -----

Bruce Haupt

Test transmission failed to bruce.haupt@...

Unfortunately, your mail was not delivered to the following address:

<bruce.haupt@...>: failed after I sent the message.
Remote host said: 550 5.4.1 All recipient addresses rejected : Access denied. AS(201806271) []

--- Enclosed is a copy of the message.

Test the account
Bruce <wa6dnt@...>
6/24/2021, 11:22 AM

Nothing more has happened.Not sure how to proceed in this National Red Cross National labyrinth.
 Red Cross National has all my information that can send. 
73 Bruce   WA6DNT@...    WA6DNT@winlink,org