AREDN Update 9/22/21

Nat 2733E N6BRV

AREDN testing Update:

·         The RF link to San Marcos still working well.  Investigated why it is still working albeit inside the double pane window and obstructed by stucco wall and tree

o   The MikroTik LHG is a dual chain (vertical plus horizontal) MIMO transceiver RF combiner. Unifying the signals similar to CDMA

o   By luck, there’s a clear line of sight to the AI6BX AREDN node (see below from the simulation)

o   To see Repeater coverage or simulate your RF path use this link à

·         Hooking up VoIP phone to AREDN RF link.

o   Successfully Tested VoIP phone with KM6ZPO by Direct IP Call.  Some Packet loss due to many (counted 8) hops but mostly clear voice.

o   See example of P2P AREDN link VoIP phone à (37) Amateur Radio Field Phone Concept - VOIP & AREDN - YouTube


73' N6BRV Nat S.