Clarification of DMR setting differences between 878 and 578 transceivers's code plugs (both PAPA's and ARC's)

Greg Hidley

When comparing codeplugs (CPs) I noticed the "DMR mode" setting differed between the 878's and the 578's.  The 578 CP DMR modes were set to Repeater while the 878 CP DMR modes were set to simplex.

I asked PAPA and here is the answer ...


I am curious why the latest PAPA CPs for the AT878 use channel settings “DMR Mode=simplex” settings while those of the AT578 use “DMR Mode=repeater” . Those codeplugs work fine for me (I have both the 878 and the 578).

Thanks, greg, kj6hov


Hello Greg,

The “DMR Mode” will be implemented fully in the next CPS version. The recommended setting will be “Repeater” for normal use. Below are the details of how “DMR Mode” will work in the next version.

Repeater: This allows the radios to communicate through repeater or hotspot, same slot TX and RX.
Simplex: Only for the radio direct communication use, without repeater or hotspot.  Allows the channel to have different TX/RX frequency as long as the other radio has matching RX/TX frequency. 
Double: Only for the radio direct communication use, without repeater or hotspot. The channel should have the same TX/RX frequency, the time slot will be used to distinguish channels, i.e you can create two channels at the same TX/RX frequency but different time slots.
Repeater (different slot): Allows the radios to communicate through repeater or hotspot, the different time slot for TX and RX use. The slot channel is for RX use, TX will use reversed slot automatically.
Hope this helps.