You are the help until professional help arrives...

Mark Warrick (KM6ZPO) <mark@...>

Paraphrasing a message from FEMA, we are the help until the cavalry arrives.  I think those words truly summarize our efforts as amateur ham operators.  To be ready though, we need to practice as the professionals do.  While we may be practicing our hobbies individually, we are not practicing as a team.  

Imagine if we were a loosely-organized traveling softball team who never met up for drills.  Imagine all we did was check in every Monday to let each other know that our bats still hit balls and our gloves still caught them.  Imagine if during the week, we tried our best to practice on our own.  Maybe we each would have a basket of balls we would hit out to the field and go retrieve them.  Maybe we would even run the bases for exercise.  But would we be ready for a game? 


I have heard it said before, a team is only as good as its weakest link.  Are you the weakest link?  A rhetorical question: what have you done lately to build and hone your skills?

A real question: what have WE done as a team lately?  I've been on the "team" for a few months now and all I've seen is weekly check-ins and a once a month virtual meeting.  Where are the drills?  What are we learning?


Are we ready, as a team, to be the help until professional help arrives? 


What are we going to do about that?


Mark Warrick
(949) 870-9493