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Terrific new products
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April 2022 Edition

New ARRL publication:
How To Become a Lid in Ten Easy Steps!
Here's your chance to learn to be a top rate operator! Various chapters include:

  • Transmitting and talking while eating.
  • Keeping YOUR frequency clear.
  • Creative uses of CW carriers.
  • Tuning up: anywhere is fine!
  • Band edges are just suggestions.

Get it now! Your friends will thank you later.

Coax Stretcher
Did you cut your coax a few inches too short? No worries, use our new COAX STRETCHER to lengthen any coax to fit! Also performs the following vital functions:
  • Changes RG-8 into RG-58.
  • Perfect for building tuned stubs.
  • Changes diameter of dielectric.
  • Can be used to adjust velocity factor.
New ARRL Publication:
Shack on a Belt: A User's Guide
Get the most out of hand held radios! This guide explains the nuances of using multiple rigs simultaneously, with topics such as:
  • Keeping your pants up.
  • Managing long counterpoises.
  • Walking a yagi on a tall mast.
  • Coping with public shaming and antenna envy.

Get yours now!
Plastic Ground Rods
No more rusting or corroded ground rods! Use these plastic ground rods that will last many lifetimes!

  • Very flexible and easily conforms to rocks, obstructions, etc. when driving into ground. They just bend around the rocks!
  • No corrosion!
  • No dissimilar metal issues...because it isn't metal!
  • Low conductance.
  • Impervious to red ants.
No Pass Filter
Filters ALL and I mean ALL outgoing signals on all frequencies.

  • Great SWR's.
  • Stops QRM.
  • Stops RFI.
  • HOA compliant.
  • Not a dummy load.
  • Protects coax from red ants.
Right Angle Screwdriver
Get into those tight to reach screws, particularly inside linear amplifier chassis! Chrome vanadium steel, black oxide handle.

Gold Plated Coax Pins
Guaranteed to reduce QRM! Our gold plated coax pins offer high performance conductivity in a small package, difficult to find again once inserted. Discover the fun of pinning your buddy's coax; get a 10 pack today!
Our containers aren't stuck in the port, lol!
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