Saturday May 7th Meeting

Bob Birch

Just a quick note to remind everyone of our upcoming meeting this Sat. We will have our quick update and admin portion, then move onto the main event. We will have members of the IEEE in attendance. They will present the IEEE initiative, what it’s all about and how we can deploy the IEEE Move truck to disasters and events here in the SoCal Region. Afterwards there will be tours and introductions on using the truck. The IEEE MOVE-1 truck will be located at the San Diego Chapter, although it can and will be deployed throughout the West Coast when ever needed. I encourage everyone who can make the meeting to do so. You will get a first hand look at what a great resource we now have to provide communications in remote areas of our region.


Also, as I have mention before I’m looking for 10 people to support a National Sound the Alarm event in El Cajon on Saturday May 14th. We will deploy 6 laptops, setup internet connectivity, and provide radio communications for the vehicles that will be moving people and supplies. The event will start at 8am and end at 2pm. We will be deploying the comm’s trailer, it will be a great opportunity get some practice on using the trailer. My plan is to try and use the portable repeater we have in our inventory to support the event. We will also be using simplex and repeaters as necessary. Attached are the frequencies of the portable repeater. If you feel comfortable programming those into your codeplug, go for it. Please add talkgroups SoCal, Tac & SDG into the portable repeater zone.  I have modified our current codeplug, if you don’t feel comfortable making changes to your own codeplug I will make myself available to update firmware and load a new codeplug for you after Saturdays meeting. Another reason to come to the meeting on Saturday.


Thanks in Advance