FW: SD100 6/3 & 6/4/22 - ham volunteers

Nat 2733E N6BRV

There are HAMs still needed to help monitor this SD100 event  https://sandiego100.com/ this weekend. 
Email Rob Freeburn at k6rjf.rob@... 
The 2022 event https://sandiego100.com/ has 242 runners ages 18 to 80+ (record)
There are only 24 HAMs to man 16 aid stations in this 32 hours Ultra Endurance  marathon (insane) run in wilderness. 
Log your hours on ARC Vol. Con. as ARC aid to the public safety & communication.

You can participate and still join DST meeting at ARC SDIC at 9:00 am on 6/4. Just drive straight to the meeting.

73'Nat S N6BRV 

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Subject: [ARC2-SDICC] FW: SD100 6/3 & 6/4/22 - ham volunteers - tentative assignments (as of 2-26-2022)

Hello DST team, (See Bob KG6RGI's comments)
    Here is an opportunity to really test your Communications, search and rescue skills, Winlink, Assess your CPR First Aid knowledge real life real time and your determination to help fellow human to achieve their goals.  Note that this over lapses our 1st Saturday June 4th DST meeting. I also see Georgia KI6LAV assigned to Pioneer Mail 2 station. I will man Pioneer Mail 1 and 2 (30 hours!).  All hours should be logged in ARC Vol. Con.
Here are some real life challenges for us HAMs:
1) SD100 is a 100 miles race running in the wilderness. There are hundreds of these insane runners that we HAMs track (ages 18-70+ y.o.) They compete against dark cold night, rattle snakes, mountain lions, rocky unpredictable terrain and exhaustion. 
2) No cellular service, No electricity, No water. It's all brought into the Aid stations by the kindness of volunteers.
3) Things we HAMs are expected to do:
     a) Check the runners' bib number and TA (Time of Arrival), record them and communicate to Net Control.
     b) Communicate to the next Aid station the time each runner left your station.
     c) Receive communication from prior Aid Station which runners left that station.
     d) Generate your own stats estimate the ETA of the delayed or missing runner(s) by calculating, using their past travel speed. 
     e) Ask the incomming runners if they've seen (potential) missing runners.  Cheer and root for them as they enter your station.
      f) Report to Net Control of delayed runners ETA. 
      g) Assist and Calm their visiting family members that we are well aware and actively tracking the runner(s).
      h) Make visual assessment of the runners if they should continue based on your (well trained 😉) First Aid CPR course(s). Speak up never be shy. Had a diabetic runner come in at 75miles into the race (~2am). She was throwing up, advised her to terminate the run she refused, jabbed herself with insulin shot. She kept going, we all monitored her progress closely. 
Another man came in and was in total exhaustion (delayed by 1.75 ETA). Family was there, he quit ankle and leg won't anymore. 
     The race worked because of the team work from all Hams and those involved. U will see such human spirit determination from the runners as well as those involved. 

Contact Rob if interested. 

73'Nat S N6BRV 

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Date: 2/26/22 3:44 PM (GMT-08:00)
To: Rob K6RJF Freeburn <k6rjf.rob@...>
Subject: SD100 6/3 & 6/4/22 - ham volunteers - tentative assignments (as of 2-26-2022)

SD100 Ham Volunteers,  

Thank you for volunteering! Pasted below is the list of tentative ham assignments for the SD100 on Friday, June 3 & Saturday, June 4, 2022. We have 23 volunteers and "maybe" volunteers, so far. Please send me updates if your availability changes. If you would like to move to a different aid station for a change of pace, please let me know. We are 3+ months out -- plenty of time to shuffle. 

If you received this email and know that you are not available for the SD100 this year, please let me know. Some people have not yet brought their June schedule into focus. If you need someone's email address, I would be happy to provide. 

Assignments for a Winlink Test Team at Pioneer Mail 1 are a carryover from a concept discussed pre-pandemic. At this time, we do not know if we will conduct a Winlink test in 2022. 

Any questions? 
. . . Rob
SD100 ham assignments - Friday, June 3 and Saturday, June 4, 2022
Pioneer Mail 1 - 1000 to 1500 (bib tracking team)
Captain Jennifer Henderson
eDennis Yard N1TEN maybe
eAllan Whitworth K6WHI
Pioneer Mail 1 - 1000 to 1500 (Winlink test team in RV)
Captain Jennifer Henderson
eBob Younger AI6KU
Meadows - 1345 to 2130 -
Captain Michael White
Joel Persinger KM6ZBL (ham team leader)
Bill Calderwood K1CT (to 1900)
eNick Testa KA6OXP (maybe)
eJim Tello KK6AYZ (maybe)
eDaniel Willan KK6DKX
Cibbets Flat - 1600 to 0215 -
Captain Jeff Hookere
Mike Oberbauer KG6TDP (ham team leader)
eMartin Latterich AF5T
eJudy Swain N9JLS (maybe)
eMichael Coca KM6PCX
Dale's Kitchen - 1700 to 0500 -
Captain John Martinez
(parking limited to 7 hams)eBeat Stadelmann KM6WNJ
eBruce Bergman AI6KL
eRobert Brown N2PNZ
eRon Garrison AJ6FQ
eTed Duvall KN6RCZ
Pioneer Mail 2 - 1900 to 0900 -
Captain Jennifer Henderson
eLisa Heinselman KJ6LLE
eGeorgia Smith KI6LAV
George DeLaBarre KG6SD (maybe)
Sunrise Net Control - 1000 to 0900
Captain Joey Bryan
David Antonetti KM6UFI (overnight)
Gary Holmes KM6LKP (overnight)
eDave DiGiorgio AD4VE