Comm's Trailer

Bob Birch

Today I removed the antenna for the Fisher Wireless radio. In its place I put a CA-2x4SR NMO antenna this is a wide band antenna that covers VHF/UHF and Public Safety freq’s. The problem is it’s a very stiff antenna. I tried to purchase the spring for the antenna that would allow it to flex when the trailer is being towed. The roof is very thin aluminum and can’t take much stress. The spring is on back order with no anticipated  delivery date. It would be my recommendation to remove this antenna if we need to tow the trailer, until the spring arrives. The antenna is easily identified, it’s on the right front and currently has a yellow tag attached.


I checked the swr and it looked good. I reconnected the 8900 to its antenna #5 and connected the 578 to the new antenna #2. Everything appears to work according to the plan. Only issue I detected is, if the 8900 is turned on and you key up the 578 we get de-sensing. When I keyed up the 578 the audio on the 8900 is cut out. This happened on any analog channel I tried. VHF or UHF, It did not have any effect when I keyed up on DMR.