Saturday Meeting July 9th

Bob Birch

I know some of you were not able to make the analog or DMR net this evening.


I announced that the meeting this Sat will be a short business meeting and then onto a social event in the back near the warehouse doors. Jerry AK6QJ and myself will be providing the main course for the event. Since I expect a lot of you may have had hamburgers and / or hot dogs for the 4th. Decided to do street tacos of carne asada, pollo asada, and a vegetarian offering.


Would love to see everyone there, although I know the second Saturday does create conflicts for some of you.


If you didn’t respond to your attending during the net please send an e-mail to rrbirch@... to let me know you are coming. That will give me an opportunity to make sure we have enough of the main course for everyone. Please the e-mail to my personal e-mail address so we don’t spam folks on the e-mail address.


If you are coming please bring something to share with the group. Also if you want something other than water to drink, please bring your own beverage (of course no alcohol please).