AREDN - there is hope

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All, Bruce,

    Here are some points and hope:

·         Keith AI6BX manages large AREDN network and will be changing out most AREDN in SD to 5GHz equipment. (Palomar & Otay)

·         Since AREDN is a LIY (Learn It Yourself organization), it is best to join AREDN (if you already have done so for free) à User account | Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (  They have tons of information painstakingly well put together.

·         So, where to start? Go to the website and look under Docs > AREDN® Documentation — AREDN Documentation documentation (  I have been warned by the AREDN gurus that no one is going to spoon feed me.  Read the documents then ask questions and answer will then be shared.

·         If someone were interested in securing AREDN compatible radios then MikroTik, Ubiquiti and some other brands with 5GHz radios would be the choice.  AREDN SW supports several broad band radios on the market.

·         Broad band Equipment can be found in many Network online stores: (Read AREDN documents then consult with AREDN gurus first before going shopping)

o   Here’s what I have and Amazon also sells them > MikroTik LHG 5GHz

o   Direct buy from MikroTik (costs less but shipping $$) à MikroTik Routers and Wireless - Products

o   If you want to become a relay node, Sector Antenna isn’t cheap à MikroTik MIMO Sector Antenna

 With all that described, here’s the AREDN 5GHz tried and tested result:

ü  The node to node distance is ~ 10 miles in this test.

ü  The Equipment is Integrated Dual Polarization

ü  The AREDN MikroTik broad band equipment I have (see above) was RF Signal abused. Forced to punch through my double Glass window, partially blocked by my Stucco wall, go through trees, obscure by some roof tops.  It still works with 17 dB SNR with a drop of 28Mbps down to 19Mbps

ü  So the fear of having a few trees in the way isn’t applicable at 5GHz at least not a problem with the MikroTik


BTW, Had a head start, was Product management with a Broad Band company in my past existence before retiring.


73' N6BRV Nat S.


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Hi Mark

I am slowly coming to realize that AREDN will never be available on my roof in Mira Mesa, unless there is a node installed on "Black Mt" just NE of me (which currently prevents a path to Palomar). So to learn about this AREDN mode, I will have to go mobile in my Tacoma truck, and drive to some high elevation to get the 5.8 GC signal. Just what would I need to purchase in equipment, to run high speed AREDN mobile and what would I need to set up as an AREDN mobile relay point?? I am sure it would take two very  high gain dish antennas, to bridge the long distances as a relay point in San Diego, and also  relatively high power 5.8 GC transmitters. So what and how do I order as to manufacture model numbers for AREDN equipment and antennas for long distance point to point communications? I currently know very little about 5.8 GC equipment and antennas as well as the computer side of things.  Also how would I "AIM" these dish antennas from a mobile platform, to establish long distance relay communications?? From Cuyamaca Peak these path's out to the desert and back to San Diego would be at least 50 -90 miles.   (from my experience with 2.7 GC ITV signal from Mt. Soledad to Mira Mesa - all it takes is a small tree branch to block the 10 mile signal path)

73 Bruce   WA6DNT@...   WA6DNT@...   Red Cross DST  SHARES   NNC9RC  . 



On 9/13/2021 2:45 PM, Mark Warrick (KM6ZPO) wrote:

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Excellent, Nat, you're on the AREDN MESH.  I agree that if you find a better mount point for that dish, you'll get better results.  But 7 Mbps is not too shabby.  That's plenty enough for voice and video calls.


Now that you're here, drop by my home node (KM6ZPO-HAP-LITE) to see some services that are common on the MESH:


You will find:

  1. A voice over IP PBX (you can't login - but you'll see the admin screen)
  2. An email server (useful for hams to communicate with non-hams) - Non hams can login from the non-ham (Internet) side:
  3. MeshChat (simple, common "chat" service) http://km6zpo-pi.local.mesh/meshchat/ 
  4. A MeshMap http://km6zpo-pi.local.mesh//meshmap/webpage/map_display.php 
  5. A TeamTalk Server (voice, chat, file sharing, etc.)   http://km6zpo-pi.local.mesh:10333/   u:guest p:guest
  6. A Mumble Server (voice and text chat) http://km6zpo-mumble-server.local.mesh:64738/  u:guest p:password
  7. An IP phone (direct IP dial - or dial via the PBX - Xtn. 5000 or dial via an outside POTS line (ask me for the number) or Ham Shack Hotline 50160
  8. A simple website: http://km6zpo-website.local.mesh/wordpress/
  9. And finally, you'll see a Winlink Relay there.

Got Winlink? Try a telnet post office connection to simulate the ability to send messages even with an Internet outage.  My Winlink Relay Server: km6zpo-winlink.local.mesh standard port 8772

Santa Ana

Mark Warrick (KM6ZPO) <mark@...>

Hey Nat,

I appreciate all the work you're doing to self-teach yourself about AREDN's capabilities.  I mentioned a few practical services in previous messages and as you noted, the DOCS on the AREDN site mention quite a few more practical applications.  One thing that isn't mentioned though (not sure why) is Faxing over AREDN.  I'm not a 100% sure it's 100% legal, so I've asked the community for input in that area in this forum post:

Nat if you happen to have a Fax machine and an ATA phone adapter, you could try sending me a fax.  Search the mesh status page for "fax" to find my IP.  I got the Grandstream GS-HT801 single line adapter.  In hindsight I wish I had spent a few bucks more and got the GS-HT802 dual port adapter so I could be talking and faxing at the same time.  You'll find either of those devices for about $40 on Amazon.

I will say that while AREDN is a learn it yourself technology, there is a great amount of support and encouragement from the AREDN community.  I started learning AREDN in January.  Now I'm an elmer for many people and pretty soon will be implementing it for my local RACES org as well as supporting the mission for American Red Cross.  I have some great mentors in the AREDN community who have helped me get up to speed very quickly.

---mark, KM6ZPO