DroidStar usage

Nat 2733E N6BRV

Thanks much Mark, 

It’s very easy to use almost EchoLink like but easier…steps below.  (Now there’s no excuse for not being able to DMR check-in from anywhere there’s Internet…..OR AREDN…..LOL    It does work on the AREDN mesh at my QTH…..Confirmed.

1.    Install DroidStar from GooglePlay.

2.    Tap the Settings top tab…Enter your Callsign, DMR ID, and enter your BrandMeister Password

3.    Tap Main top tab

4.    Then on Host drop down tab, Choose BM_310x_United_States (your choice server)

5.    Type in the desired Talk Group. (311057)

6.    Tap on Connect… the Blue has TX in the middle… You’re in… Listen to confirm there’s no traffic…

7.    Tap the TX Blue bar, it will turn RED to show you’re transmitting/streaming, The (smart) App fills in the necessary parameters. Talk and view the mic Yellow bar attenuation correspondingly.  You can monitor BrandMeister TG 311057 on your computer to confirm you’re reaching the Server.

8.    Tap the RED Bar again, it’ll turn Blue back to Listen mode.


73' Nat S. N6BRV

Step 2 (above)



Steps 3,4,5,6…


Steps 7, 8 and 9


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Small correction… it’s called DroidStar for Android devices. Search for it in the Google Play store. I believe it’s free. So basically with that app you don’t even need a radio. Great for traveling in areas where you are in unfamiliar with the local DMR repeaters and / or people not in range of a local DMR repeater.