Nat 2733E N6BRV

To Joe AI6ZE,

    Please see attached screen captured picture reported from BrandMeister 3103 server into my ZumSpot still has your (old) assigned callsign.  In case you want to talk to the DMRID volunteer.  Maybe the 3103 server needs to be updated?


My radios (D878UV, D878UV BT) have been updated with the Digital Call List (8/23/2021) and also the Firmware (V1.24) so my radios show your correct current AI6ZE callsign with your full name and DMRID from my internal radio’s Dig Call List look up table.


It’s only a small glitch but thought you might like to know.


73' N6BRV Nat S.


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Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2021 5:30 PM
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