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Birch, Bob

I can't see anything that is blocking the email. I sent a bounce probe email. let me know if you see it. it is coming to your juno acct.

Did you happen to put the " around the email or was that from your copy and pasting.

Copy and paste what is below to if it works.

Based on what you put in your email, it appears you were not in the right zone. If I can find some time tomorrow lets see if we can get you in the right spot. Are you available for a phone call tomorrow?

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Hi Bob

I tried to send a email  of my experiences with Western States but I got back from "MAILER-DAEMON" that my access is now "BLOCKED"  This only adds to my frustration in not being able to get a functional "" account - AND STILL WAITING for a signature on the SHARES Form 1 (SINCE 2020  !!) so I can access the SHARES data base, of net information!

Here is a paste of what I tried to send to the "" that was BLOCKED!!

"Hi Group

After the Papa DMR Red Cross DST net - I  tried to follow Bob's instructions from the Red Cross net, but could not find the "Western States" System - so then I went to the "Main Menu" - then selected "Wst States SoCal"  and found the Western States DMR system, T.G. 3196 then I went searching for a repeater I could bring up.

Then I found I could bring up the local Woodson SoCal  (CH-2475) - with my AT878 inside the house with the whip antenna! When I key - I get an ACK from Woodson,  but no one comes back to my calls. When I TX  my AT878 indicates it is on 31066 - I do not know how to change it to 3196.  What T.G. was Red Cross using that I could not find? I find DMR so complicated! Analog is simple!

I heard activity loud and clear from up North (Yucca Valley) WB6CDF Chris, and N6GKB Keith  - but I heard no activity from the San Diego Red Cross DST stations. I keyed up and called Yucca Valley but got no response even thou I had indications that I was making the Woodson repeater -  Ch 2475 on the AT878. What impressed me was the very fast "turn-around" - it was instantaneous like it is on analog. With the Papa DMR system, I have to key up and wait for at least 3 seconds for the system to acknowledge (by status lights) my signal before I can start talking! I just thought that this slow "turn-around" was normal and something to just live with. Now I know from my Western States experience that a fast "turn-around" is normal on DMR - and that the Papa System has issues! I just wish I could have actually been able to have stations come back to my calls. I heard the stations mention that they had a "DMR " net but I did not catch the day or time. Is the "Western States" system on "Brandmeister" or some other system that is "Faster"?

73 Bruce  WA6DNT@...


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