March 3rd Training

"Jerry - AK6QJ" <ak6qj-radioguy@...>

Hi, All!

As you've probably noticed, I've uploaded a number of files
tonight. You're probablly thinking "Gee, what's all this stuff!!! For
those of you that will be attending this Saturday's RCCT meeting and
training session, all will be revealed to you. <grin>

You may wish to print out and take with you the following files from
the "FILES > TRAINING > March 3, 2007 Training Session" folder, so
you have something to refer to during the class:

CRNB Tab 0002 - Comm Room NB TOC.pdf

CRNB Tab 0003 - Comm Room Checklist Draft 020707.pdf

CRNB Tab 0200 - Communications Plan Template REV 021707.pdf

CRNB Tab 0400 - Event Log Sheet Master.pdf

Copies of most of the PowerPoint slides (excluding most of the images)
can be found in the following file:

ARC Communications Room Ops 030307.pdf

The remaining file in the folder is the current revision of the
Communications Room SOG - good stuff but we will not be covering it
in depth.

Let me know if you have any questions. See you all Saturday!