New Procedures Committee folder

"Jerry - AK6QJ" <ak6qj-radioguy@...>

Hi, all!

I created a new folder, "Procedures Committee" to act as a central
location for documents used to develop chapter communications plans
and procedures. This folder currently has two subfolders: "Draft
Documents" and "Reference".

I've added two PDF files to the "Reference" subfolder that may be of
interest. One is the City of Carlsbad basic emergency operating plan
(EOP). This is an example of the format used by many of the
communities in San Diego county. It also contains a summary of the
hazard analysis Carlsbad performed as a part of developing this plan.
In addition to the format, you may be interested in seeing what
emergencies/disasters a local community expects and how they intend
to deal with them.

The second file contains some notes and ideas I recorded while
reviewing the Orange County Chapter's communications plan. These are
my initial opinions, and are presented in the spirit of generating
some discussion about where we want to go with our plans and

BTW, everyone is welcome to check out these documents. The more heads
we have working on this project, the better the results will be!

Thanks for looking...