Radio Room suggestions

"Sara Jones" <arcsjonessa1@...>

Jerry and all,

Per the request on Saturday, here are my suggestions for the radio
room. Thanks for being open to hearing them and asking for help in
making it friendly to all of us to pitch in.

Please note that I like the practice of taking messages and notes on
half size sheets of paper - it conserves paper and they fit in the
self contained ARC flip book holder designed for taking notes in the
field. That room, with six stations, six operators and six scribes may
make counter space a premium.

At least one binder for the room and one binder for the trailer that has:

Maps of SD repeaters
Maps of winlink repeaters
contacts list of the ARC2 group with call sign
contact list of our amateur radio club partners with call signs and
duty rosters
complete weekly or monthly SDICC duty roster
full size laminated copy of the ARC2 designated channel numbers
master copies of the message form

Dedicate one cabinet for the storage and safe keeping of:
multiple copies of the ARC2 message form
6 half size clipboards to hold the message forms (Labeles by station)
half size yellow legal pads that also fit the clipboards for notetaking
Multiple copies of the ARC2 Response Guide (7 labeled by station and
more extra copies to hand out)
A book of the repeaters 2006
Laminated Maps (US Forest Service with corresponding grids to CDF calls)
dry erase markers
dry erase eraser
box of black ball point pens
box of yellow highlighters
box for the magnets that will eventually go with the dryerase boards.

Dedicate one binder within the cabinet to log the message forms over time