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Hello DST Team,

On this upcoming Saturday the 14th, we will be having a training event  at the Riverside Chapter office from 10:00am till 3:00pm. You do not need to be there the whole time. The topic is "Programming  Your Radio Day". My self and a couple others will be there to help program your radio with the latest Regional Codeplug for both version 1 and Version 2 of the Anytone 878 DMR radio. There are several choices to personalize  your radio. The new codeplug includes the chapter frequencies for Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Imperial Counties. If you have any questions about codeplug, Firmware updates or updates to your Digital contact list or anything else, please have your questions ready. You may have a question that others would also like to know. Please sign up on Volunteer Connection for this event by going to the following  link. We would like to know how many are planning to come so we have enough computers there to update the radios. You are also welcome to bring your  own  laptop as well. In fact we encourage everyone to bring your own so you get practice at updating your  radio in the future. For any question, give me a call or text at 760-662-8640.

Ted Schultz

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