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To DST group

For those that are concerned that VARA is a "one man show" and would not be supported in the event that the author Jose EA5HVK, would become unable to support the VARA program due to illness - I have contacted the author to clarify this concern.  What follows is our communication with Jose.

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Subject: Re: VARA support
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2021 00:23:44 +0200
From: Ronnie Osullivan <josealbertonietoros@...>
To: Bruce <wa6dnt@...>
CC: Bob Birch <rrbirch@...>

Hello Bob,

As I told Bruce, my family has several copies of VARA source code. In case of severe illness or death, they have orders to contact with Winlink (ARSFI) to sell the VARA source code in order to continue being supported for the next generations.

Please, feel free to ask me any questions in order to clarify this misunderstanding.

sincerely greets you,

On 9/6/2021 2:51 PM, Ronnie Osullivan wrote:
Hello Bruce,

Thanks for contacting directly with the VARA author to clarify this.

My family has the source code. In case of severe illness or death they will contact with Winlink (ARSFI) to sell the VARA source code in order to VARA continue being supported.

You can tell this to DST lead person or any other organization that have doubts.

could you tell me the DST lead person email to write him?


El lun, 6 sept 2021 a las 23:40, Bruce (<wa6dnt@...>) escribió:
Hi Jose

I have been using VARA-FM  and love its speed and usefulness especially
for Em-Comm.

I am a member of the California San Diego  Red Cross Disaster Services
Technology (DST) team.

I have been trying to encourage the DST lead person to try out VARA for
passing written disaster traffic.

He has not been willing to do so, because he says, that VARA would not
be supported in the event, something ever happened to you - like: a
severe illness or death. So my question to you is  - have you set up a
means for VARA support in case you were no longer able to continue to
support VARA??

Here in San Diego we have an AREDN network started but not completed,
because the lead person in San Diego was struck down with an illness
that has paralyzed him. With that shutdown of development in mind, Red
Cross wants to be sure any technology we invest in, will be supported -
long term.

Many thanks for your development and support of the VARA program. I will
continue to use it, even if Red Cross will not.

73 Bruce    WA6DNT@...    WA6DNT@...