Winlink Exercise - Saturday March 12

Mark Warrick (KM6ZPO) <mark@...>

Esteemed American Red Cross Colleagues:

This is your quarterly chance to use the Winlink skills you have been learning with other EMCOMM groups.  These exercises are essential training for real-life scenarios that are likely to happen during a major emergency.

I am passing the below message along for my colleague who is leading the exercise this weekend.  I will be setting up a temporary Winlink gateway in Newport Beach reachable by most of Northern Orange County and will also be one of the "Winlink Message Centers" as noted in the drill description.  NOTE: I will have AREDN connectivity at my location - which means you don't have to be in North Orange County to participate.  You don't even need a radio!  I would prefer that people use AREDN over Telnet, but any transport method that works for you is fine.  BONUS if you use HF to send me a Winlink message.

Anyone is welcome to participate, but Scott wants to know who we can expect will be present for the exercise.  Please contact him directly if you plan on participating.  See the message below my signature.


Mark Warrick
(949) 870-9493


Based on the very successful previous drills, another Winlink Peer-to-Peer (P2P) practice drill is planned for the morning of Saturday, March 12th.  This drill continues to expand on the various ways Winlink P2P can be utilized and helps gain experience using Winlink P2P communication mode.  Additionally, the drill allows Winlink operators throughout Orange County to have temporary RF access to a local Winlink station in order to verify operation of their Winlink computer and radio settings.  Details are provided in the attached documents.

For this exercise, the primary Winlink station (“Drill Ops”) will be located at Loma Ridge, which provides good coverage to most of Orange County (OC) and simulates the coordinating station for the county.  There are additional Winlink “Gateways” available around the county to act as P2P message relays for those operators that may have difficulty directly reaching Drill Ops at Loma Ridge, or those just wishing to try sending messages using intermediate relay stations.

NEW FOR THIS DRILL.  In order to better simulate an actual emergency event, I am looking for WInlink operators interested in representing a “Winlink Message Center” (analogous to a city EOC) during the 3-hour long exercise.  These operators will simulate message sending and receiving stations that other stations in the county can send test messages to.  If you’re interested in participating as a Winlink Message Center, please contact me ASAP with your callsign, operating location (e.g., city), and what hours you’ll be available, if you can’t support 9:00 to noon.

It is important to note that this is an informal practice drill (organized by me) and not associated with any organization.  Your participation is solely for your own personal benefit, and the exercise is not to conflict with any official city or county government activities.

Please feel free to forward this E-mail (and attachments) to any other individuals and organizations in Orange County that you feel might be interested in taking advantage of this practice drill.

To ensure receiving event updates, please notify me that you will be participating in the drill (with your name, call sign, and planned operating location) by sending an E-mail to KM6RTE@....

If after reviewing the instructions you still have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.

Scott MacGillivray, KM6RTE